Why donate?

Quasar and Roadrunner spent a lot of time programing the ATO and parts of the flightlog together. The servers on that both tools are hosted do not cost much, so donations for server billing is not needed. Anyway, we added the option to donate to the project, because a lot of people asked over the last year, how they could thank us for the work and time spent for the community.

As we did over the last 16 month, we plan to add more features to the tools.

If you donate, we are thankfull. But be informed, that a donation is for the work that was done, not for things to come.
You also will not be able to get more then anyone else who is using the tools.

Both tools will stay online as long as they are beeing used.
If, for some reason, we canot administrate it anymore, we will pass the pages on to someone else who can administrate and develop in the spirit of the community.

Finaly, we want to thank all of you for using those tools, without you, our time would have been wasted after all!

Keep on flying, save journey and many happy landings.